Buy Directly From Our Ranch • No Hormone Implants • Grass Fed and Grain Finished

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Available?

  • Side of Beef: If you’re a frequent beef eater or looking to customize your cuts, ordering  a full side is a great option for you! Custom cutting instructions can be provided directly to our butcher, Magnum Meats, or you can use our standard  cutting instructions ” The Clifton Cut”. The average price of a side is $2,400 based on $7.50 per pound hanging weight. Additional bones and offals (heart, tongue, liver, kidney, oxtail) are available as requested.
  • Beef Pack: For those that don’t have as much freezer space, this option will work well for you. A Pack is one third of a side of beef that is pre-divided by our butcher. The Packs are not specific to front or hind quarters of the animal and customization of what’s included is not an option. The average price of a Pack is $800 based on $7.50 per pound hanging weight. Each Pack will vary in weight and assortment, but an example Pack will contain 20 x 1 pound ground beef, 7 x 1 pound stew beef, 2 x short ribs, 3 x roasts, 22 x steaks (single packaged), 2 x bag of bones. Additional bones and offals (heart, tongue, liver, kidney, oxtail) available as requested. An average Pack will fit in an empty fridge freezer.
  • Lean Ground Beef: $8.00 per pound, sold in one pound packages.
  • Offals: $7.50 per pound for heart, tongue, liver, kidney, and oxtail.
  • Bones: $10 for small bag of soup bones and $20 for large bag of dog bones.


What’s the Price?

Sides and Packs are $7.50 per pound based on the hanging weight. The hanging weight is the weight taken by our butcher when the side of beef is hanging, before it is cut and wrapped and is not the same as the weight of the final take home product. Our beef will hang for 2-3 weeks to dry age before excess trim is removed and it is cut and wrapped. The beef is not weighed again after it is cut and wrapped, but the average take home weight will be about 30% less than the hanging weight. Cutting, wrapping, and butcher fees are included in the price per pound.


What are the Cattle Fed?

Our calves spend the spring, summer, and fall eating grass while grazing on the mountain ranges of the Okanagan and Similkameen grasslands and then come home to our ranch where they’re fed a mixed ration of silage, hay, barley grain, and minerals. All of our beef is 100% Homegrown, raised without the use of hormone or steroid implants, and is processed between the age of 14-22 months.


What does it mean to be 100% Homegrown?

All of our cattle are born and raised on our ranch. We do not purchase calves outside of our herd and therefore know 100% of the genetic background, feed nutrition, and care given to each animal from their very first to very last day. We are proud to offer a product that we can say was born here, raised here, and sold here. 100% Homegrown.


How do I Order?

Give us a call at 250-499-9742 and we will let you know our earliest availability. If we don’t have beef in stock, we will place you on an upcoming butcher date and call you when it’s ready for pickup. We butcher every 2 weeks from April to December at a government inspected facility, Magnum Meats, located in Rock Creek. We haul the animals to this facility to be processed and once the beef is cut, wrapped, and frozen we bring it back to our ranch to be stored in our on site freezer until pick up. Please keep in mind that pick up is generally a month after the butcher date chosen. Pick up is to be made at our ranch located at 2810 Barcello Road, Keremeos, between Olalla and Keremeos, or can be picked up directly from our butcher in Rock Creek. 


What Payment is Accepted?

No upfront deposit is required with orders, but we do require full payment upon pickup via cash, cheque, or etransfer.


Further Questions?

Give us a call at 250-499-9742 or send us an email: We also share what’s happening on our social pages on Instagram @clifton.ranch and on Facebook @ Clifton Ranch Homegrown Beef – head over and take a look at what we’re up to!