Buy Directly From Our Ranch • No Hormone Implants • Grass Fed and Grain Finished

Sold by the side: custom cut to your preference, wrapped, and frozen: $6.50 per pound

Smaller meat packs also available

Ground beef: $7.00 per pound (minimum order is 20 pounds)


The cattle are slaughtered and each half is weighed. This is the weight that all our costs are based on.

The cattle are then hung and aged for fourteen to eighteen days. Then they are cut, wrapped, and frozen fresh.

The cattle can be custom cut to your preference or we have pre-cut sides frozen at the Clifton Ranch.

These sides are cut ¾ inch steaks (rib, t-bone, sirloin, wing, porterhouse, chuck, and round steaks) single wrapped, 1 pound ground beef, 1 pound stew meat, 3 to 4 pound roast, and short ribs. Liver heart and tongue also available with each side.

Our meat is cut by Magnum Meats in Rock Creek.